This is supposed to be a serial-postings several months ago. I just don’t have enough time, energy, and dilligence to write. But now I do…

Well, after I have been confused and panicked and prayed all nights to get topic for my final project, it seemed that God led me to research autism as a theme. (you may ask : “How did you know?” and I’ll answer : “I just knew.”)

So, there I was, wandered around Bandung, looked for some Foundation that treat autism problems. Until finally, my lovely lecturer told me to go to her psychologist, named Fridia. She is a psychologist that apply Floor Time as a development approach to the autism children.

What is Floor Time? Check it out in

I consulted the main focus, background, aim, and media of the Floor Time with Mrs. Fridia, the psychologist, and my lecturer, Mr. Alfonzo, who guided me as the advisor. The first main idea was “How to solve autism problems with multimedia” but then it got more spesific to the crucial problem which is  “How parents handle the autism interferance that their child have”. The reason why I choose the topic is because this is the first problems that comes when a child detected as a autism. Some parent may get confused, sad, and emotionally reject the reality.  I know this is a sensitive case, so I have to take it seriously.

Well, after I have collected datas from internet, read books, and seen the crucial problem about autism, I picked the title. It is Guidance to Apply Floor Time as A Development Approach to Parents Who Have Autism Children Through Interactive Website (In Indoenesia  : Panduan Penerapan Pendekatan Pengembangan Floor Time untuk Orang Tua dengan Anak Autis Melalui Website Interaktif).

It may sounds like difficult topic, but I have book “Children with Special Needs” to help me  arrange the details, I have strict but kind psychologist to guide me with the accuracy explanations of Floor Time, I have wise and supporting lecturer who always gave me good advices and entries, and above al,l I have superpower God who always beside me, blessing my job, and make it perfect.

Days went by…

The concept was fixed. I choose house as the main concept because I want the user feels comfortable, relax, and knows that they are accepted (feels like in their own house).  I targetted parent as the audience, the user, because they are the one who need helps. I want parent with autism child learn to accept their children just the way they are. I want they know that their roles are very important in children development. The main problems is not the autism children, but the parent themselves. So I just want to help parent handling the children interferances and make progress in their treatments.

I made the web interactively (which means the user can interact with other users), so they can share experience, stories, and give advice or comments. This is based on the opinion that tells people help anyone who sit on the same boat.  I personally think this is good idea, because they can improve each other abilities to handle their kids.

Well, then I drew some  sketches and started to design the web.

These were some first several drafts of the web layout…

I consider 30-45 years old parents as the audiences, so I choose the simplest web layout with a single-click.  The layout is pretty clean and well- ordered. I prepared the informations in a good hierarchy and grid.

but then according to my lecturer advice, and my friends opinion, the color was not bright and colorful enough, and these were a little bit monoton. User will not really explore the web and find it kind a boring web. So I started to make new layout.

Last Studio Project

January 10, 2010

Finally, I finished this college subject!

This is the subject that has the biggest SKS (5 sks), so I totally depend on this subject to get good score.

So, what’s the story about?

We took Yogyakarta as the main theme. We took the tourism 0bject to discuss. From the idea till the survey to Yogyakarta, it was a teamwork, but the execution is personal duty. My team (Uut, Tony, Winta, Andra) choose Tamansari as our tourism object to promote.

What is Tamansari? Check it out at

So, we went to Yogya and survey this Water Castle. It was beautiful. There is an area that under construction, but that doesn’t make visitor stop visiting. We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Yogya and we traveled to Keraton, Tamansari, Malioboro, and Prambanan Temple. We had a great time there. Next time I’ll post our pictures.

and then.. went back to Bandung. We made a target, we discussed the messages, target audience, and visual concept and had it presentated in front of our lecture. Our primary target is 20 – 30 years old local people, and secondary for foreigner. We want to tell the history and the functions of each building of Tamansari.

and for personal duty, we choosed our own media. Tony, Winta, and Andra have website as the media while Uut and I have game as our media.

I picked casual games because it is easy to learn, even for non-gamer.

The title of my game is “Serve The Sultan”. How to play? It is simple. You use all the character provided to serve the Sultan. You just have to fullfill the Sultan need, and finish all mission of the day. DO NOT make Sultan upset because that makes you failed.

So, I made the Sultan, Queen, Princess, Mistress and Servant characters in this game. I drew some building of Tamansari and placed them just like in Tamansari. I devide the game for 3 main level. Each level has each difficulties and stories.

But, because i can’t program the artworks into real game,  I just made the preview. I animated all the character around the buildings, but just for level 1-1. I just want to show the gameplay and the opening.

Here is the preview. Hope you like it..

Another assignment.. still motion graphic subject…

Now, we had an assignment to combine real action with motion graphic. We actually have done this technic in our previous project. But this time, we would like to combine real action with moving type.

We put the lyrics of the song (Fallen From The Sky by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglo) into moving type that pop up in the video. We had Nandi as the model and in the beginning, we want Nandi to chase the moving types, but it is difficult, so we put the moving type around Nandi.

I did this project in teamworks with Adi, Billy, Andra, Stephen, and Ijal. First, we shoot Nandi in some area in ITB (we took the near places),  sitting, running, and walking. Then we composed the video with moving type.

Here is the video. Hope you enjoy it


January 10, 2010

This is an assignment from videografi project. My teamworks are Evelyn, Andra, Citra, and Thalita.

We took stock shots from some places in ITB – some friends help us by being the models. The models are  Shalika, Ijal, Diani, Saeba, Achuy, Adi,  Andra, Citra, Rio, Tatu, Evelyn, Echa, Munir, Gepeng, Anggi, Thalita, and myself.

This is the theme :

People show their emotions in different way and we would like to expose how they show it. We specify the emotion, just anger and dissapointment.

So, here is the video.. Thank you very much to all my friends who helped this video..

Motion Graphic_Surat Cinta

January 10, 2010

Duty calls!

I have an assignment to make an motion graphic based on an old song titled Surat Cinta which was sung by Vina Panduwinata. This song was popular in 1987. The song tells about a girl who gets a love letter from the guy she likes. The lyrics mostly show how happy she is when she reads the letters.

My partnerts are Andra, Stephen, Adi, Billy, and Ijal… We then made this song into a real action combine with motion graphic. We have Andra and Ewik as the models. We trace the real action into graphics and arrange it into animation with motion graphic.

We simplify the story. This is the story after the girl get the love letter, and then she drives to the guy’s house.

So, here is the video…

Back to Normal

January 8, 2010

Now, I’m back to real life…

Since i have retired from my secret job.. hahaha….

I will post some of my works here… Enjoy it!

The Last Mission (final)

September 2, 2009



Now I hope every person in this world will be hypnotized to drink a lot more coffee everyday, everyhour, and even everyminute. Coffee will spread all over the world… start from this little coffee shop-POTLUCK. That’s how we prevent the coming of the end of world.

Eventhough no body know what we have done to the world, it’s ok.. The most important thing, the world is saved…

Now, I proudly present to you…

Our last masterpiece…

The Last Mission (2)

September 2, 2009

We want to promote this coffee shop to the world…

We find their unique characteristic and guess what… They have four different tastes of coffee from Arabica, Tana Toraja, Aceh, and Timor, and you’re allowed to choose which coffee do you prefer to mix with other ingredients.

So, for the execution, we would like to expose those four tastes of coffee.

We start to brainstorming and make storyboard…



we did some researches about those districts…


The Last Mission

September 2, 2009

We never have a chance to breathe…

After I take this mission, I will resign…



So here is the last mission…

We have a rumor that the end of the world will come soon…

So, we have to find something that can stop it…

The dreams told us..

The only thing that can stop the end of the world..

C- O-F-F-E-E

Recent studies show that coffee has a component which can stabilize  the earth.. It can refresh all the destructive  activities that human being do to the earth. It can cure all the damage caused by nature disasters, human mistakes, and diseases. Based on the research, we search place that produce coffee to be published to the public. So, all communities can drink coffee everyday. That’s how the end of the world will be stopped.

We did some survey…to Warung Pasta, but rejected because it doesn’t have coffee (actually, because we don’t bring permission letter from ITB), then go to Ngopi Dulu, also rejected because they are too  shy to be published (red. they are afraid to be exposed, afraid that other coffee cafe will imitate them), continue to Cabe Rawit, but they’re  too busy to accept us…

We never give up. we were still walking down the street… search will a bunch of hope…

Then God answer our will… We found one place…


They accept us very kindly, allow us expose every corner…


Happy Therapy

May 30, 2009

In the middle of sooooooooo many duties to do…., we (Me and my partners – uut, winta. andra, toni-) forced ourselves to challenge time.

We joined an Animation Contest which is held by the Department of Education and Industry.

The theme is about loving Indonesian products. We made a story about a child who play doll-vending-machine with his father. The machine contains dolls with character from all over the country ( West : Dora The Explorer, Power Puff Girl, East : Naruto, Shinchan, etc). But, although there are so many more-famous-and-more-good-looking dolls, the child doesn’t want them. Instead, he choose the-almost-forgetten-national-character-dolls…………Unyil………….

We did the animation on a rush…

We didn’t hope so much…

We just pray…

and we won…

We got the third place… oooo, feel so blessed…

Here the clips