Happy Therapy

May 30, 2009

In the middle of sooooooooo many duties to do…., we (Me and my partners – uut, winta. andra, toni-) forced ourselves to challenge time.

We joined an Animation Contest which is held by the Department of Education and Industry.

The theme is about loving Indonesian products. We made a story about a child who play doll-vending-machine with his father. The machine contains dolls with character from all over the country ( West : Dora The Explorer, Power Puff Girl, East : Naruto, Shinchan, etc). But, although there are so many more-famous-and-more-good-looking dolls, the child doesn’t want them. Instead, he choose the-almost-forgetten-national-character-dolls…………Unyil………….

We did the animation on a rush…

We didn’t hope so much…

We just pray…

and we won…

We got the third place… oooo, feel so blessed…

Here the clips


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